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Leather Products Book : LEATHER & SILVER MOTO feature translation

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Craftsman/Daisuke Motoike
From/Tottori, Japan

Exploring the possibilities of leather with beautiful handcrafted items.

“My father’s influence played a big role in my interest in leather. Growing up, I even used leather as toys,” says Daisuke Motoike. His father, Hideo Motoike, is the founder of MOTO and one of the leading leather doll makers in Japan. From the outside looking in it looks like an envious environment to grow up in, but according to Daisuke, “there was a whole lot of pressure put on me.” After deciding that he wanted to use leather to create something completely different than his father, he combined his engraving techniques that he studied in Italy with leather. That was approximately 20 years ago. With him in charge of making engravings and leather accessories and his younger brother Sakuto in charge of making shoes, the two of them launched the rebirth of the MOTO brand.
“I personally don’t like being mediocre at any one thing,” he says, which is showcased in MOTO’s products, which are so precise you may mistake them as being made by machines. This is only possible by possessing an extremely high level of techniques. With the launch of “MOTORATORY”, an experimental line that further pursues the possibilities of leather, the brothers continue to evolve.

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