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Leather Products Book : M.E.S Leather feature translation

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Brand/M.E.S Leather
Craftsman/Jonathan Staniec
From/London, U.K.

Recreating classic items using traditional hand methods and saddlery tools.

M.E.S. Leather is a leather product brand based in North London, an industrial area known for its many factories and warehouses. The brand was started by Jonatan Staniec in 2012, as he began producing handmade leather products. The name of the brand consists of the initials of his parents, who themselves managed a leather workshop in Poland. From a young age, his love for leather crafts was passed down to him from his parents. Using only high quality vegetable tanned leather, his unique style consists of using traditional manufacturing methods to create classic-style leather items.

M.E.S Leather Leather Products Clutch Books

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