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Leather Products Book : The Wonder Lust feature translation

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Brand/The Wonder Lust
Craftsman/Takashi Sueki
From/Tokyo, Japan

The true quality of leather can be felt with your five senses.

Mr. Sueki, who originally became interested in UK culture through rock and roll, began making leather crafts over six years ago. While studying the art of leather crafting, he was opened up to the true appeal of leather.
“I want to make simple leather accessories that can be used for generations, and help convey the appeal of leather to the rest of the world.”
The leather used by Sueki is all vegetable tanned in a series of pits over time. The pits that he uses are all from the UK and have been used for over 200 years. As a leather craftsman, he not only possesses leather making techniques, but he also understands what makes a particular piece of leather good or not. Using his keen sense, he uses only the highest quality of leather to create his items.
“You truly use all of your five senses so it’s difficult to describe the exact process, but it’s important actually touch the leather to feel its quality.”
The items created by his brand, “The Wonder Lust” are a result of years of studying and working with leather.
“The most important thing is that the leather matches whatever item you make. You simply cannot make a high quality item using unnatural manufacturing methods.”

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