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Leather Products Book : Tenjin Works feature translation

Leather Made in Japan Clutch Books

Brand/Tenjin Works
Craftsman/Hideto Takagi
From/Tokyo, Japan

Luxury items for adults who enjoy high quality leather.

The handmade leather products from Tenjin Works are created by spending extensive amounts of time tanning Tochigi leather, considered the best leather in Japan. Utilizing the unique features of leather to create everything from wallets to garments and shoes, the brand opens up new possibilities of leather. In addition to making all of their items by hand, each of the items beautifully age the more they are worn or used. Mr. Takagi, the brand director and leather craftsman, has been widely recognized for his techniques by many fans of leather. Once you hold one of the items created by him you’ll instantly be mesmerized its quality.

Clutch Books Leather Products Tenjin Works

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