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Silver Jewelry Book : GOOD ART HLYWD feature translation

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Craftsman/Josh Warner
From/Los Angeles, U.S.A.

Committed to making high quality and functional artwork.

Having grown up watching his father repair motorcycles and antique items from a young age, Josh Warner made a natural transition to manufacturing. When he was young he created things that he wanted and give them to friends as presents. His start as a silversmith began with designing body piercings. However, after feeling a limit to the designs for body piercings, and he began venturing into the world of silver jewelry. Many of his works combine various parts and are functional. His style consists of a mechanism that combines multiple parts such as wallet chains and necklaces. His works were immediately acknowledged in Hollywood, as many celebrities and famous people began wearing them. Aiming to create functional art by blending various unique designs, he hopes to make items that can be used or worn for a lifetime.

Clutch Books Silver Jewelry GOOD ART HLYWD

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