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Leather Products Book : Ikenohata Ginkawaten feature translation

Leather Made in Japan Clutch Books

Brand/Ikenohata Ginkawaten
Craftsman/Katsuhisa Ono
From/Tokyo, Japan

Minimal designs that bring out the allure of leather.

“Our products are simple and the beauty of the edge finishing is our lifeline,” says Mr. Ono while showing off his actual work. He beautifully finishes his pieces by evening out the edges using a special plane. Ikenohata Ginkawaten’s flagship store is located in the Ikenohata neighborhood in Taito ward, Tokyo. Although the brand was launched in 2004, Ono is a veteran in the leather industry with a career spanning 30 years. He took a job as a belt maker in Asakusa when he was 20 years old, where he learned the basics of leather craftsmanship. Today, he has become a popular figure in Asakusa, which is known for being the mecca of leather crafts in Japan. Ikenohata Ginkawaten carries a wide range of original brands, including Cramp and Dual. Ono uses high quality leathers from throughout the world, including saddle leather from the UK and cordovan leather from the United States, and brings out their texture with minimalistic designs. He also utilizes original parts such as brass to create high quality items that last a lifetime.


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