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Silver Jewelry Book : SKY STONE TRADING feature translation

Made in Japan accessory Clutch Books

Craftsman/Yasutomo Kodera
From/Nagano, Japan

Simple yet power jewelry made with high quality turquoise stones. 

Mr. Kodera is a turquoise specialist not only in his home country of Japan but in the United States as well. In addition to working with stones, he is also a skilled silversmith with a career that spans over 20 years. “I started making jewelry when I came to the United States while I was an exchange student. I studied on my own conducting various trials and error, which I still do to this day,” he says. His skills range from filework to the traditional Navajo art of tufa casting. “I was influenced by craftsmen who created a new scene during the 1950s such as Julian Lovato and modern artists such as Mckee Platero.” Looking at Kodera’s works, you can see the 1970s-1990s era styles that have influenced his own style. In order to bring out the appeal of high quality turquoise stones, he keeps the bare metals thick. He isn’t easily satisfied with his works, and keeps a policy to never use stampwork on his finished pieces.

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