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Silver Jewelry Book : DIGBY&IONA feature translation

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Craftsman/Aaron Ruff
From/New York, U.S.A.

Inspired by antiques, a collection is born.

Disappointed in not being able to find jewelry that he liked, Aaron decided to study the art of making silver jewelry. He named his brand “DIGBY&IONA” because he wanted to give the impression that it was started by two different people. He was always good at making things and originally aspired to make furniture. Over ten years, he mastered his craft and helped grow his brand. His works have an “old-timey” feel to them, and having been inspired by antique items, his style is the opposite of modern contemporary fine jewelry. What he values the most is striking a perfect balance.
Although it’s important to pay attention to details, it’s also important that the piece itself doesn’t focus too much on every little detail. Carefully making each item while making sure they have the proper balance is what makes his work so special.


Silver Jewelry CLUTCH Books DIGBY&IONA

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