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Leather Products Book : LEFT HAND feature translation

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Craftsman/Kesakichi Watanabe
From/Tokyo, Japan

Bold and creative leather products created by the left-handed craftsman.

“All I wanted to do was to make something that didn’t already exist in the market.” Mr. Watanabe of LEFT HAND has a manufacturing style that is extremely powerful and creative. The first item that he ever created was a magic braided belt. Watanabe’s style is to learn as much as he can about a specific item, and spend time on the preparation stage. He gained experience under the apprenticeship of Tady Brothers, who himself was a pupil of goro’s, and after learning the in’s and out’s of the craft he launched his own leather craft brand 8 years ago. He renovated his own home into a workspace, surrounded himself with his favorite vintage wear, and flew around the country in his pick-up truck to visit various events. He showcased unique items such as tote bags, sandals, belts, and eyewear cases. The fact that he didn’t make any standard leather wallets was very much Watanabe’s style as well. The late-bloomer lefty craftsman, who turns 65 years old this year, has just begun his journey as a leather craftsman.


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