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Silver Jewelry Book : LARRY SMITH feature translation

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Craftsman/Yoshifumi Hayashida
From/Tokyo, Japan

Modern jewelry created with traditional techniques.

Mr. Hayashida of LARRY SMITH is one of the few silversmiths to receive recognition from authentic Native Americans. Using Navajo techniques from before the 1940s he combines them with a unique Japanese sense while paying respect to traditional jewelry styles. While working as an apparel manufacturer, Hayashida studied on his own to become a certified silversmith. At the time he did not have anywhere to work from, so he often worked alone at a park. After countless interactions with Native Americans, he soon became recognized at various popular trading posts. His next mission is to invite authentic Navajo craftsmen to Japan to hold an exhibition. His deep understanding of their culture and his modern sense is one of LARRY SMITH’s biggest strengths.

Silver Jewelry CLUTCH Books LARRY SMITH

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