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Leather Products Book : Charlie Borrow feature translation

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Discovering a timeless value with functional beauty and simplicity.

Charlie Borrow always had an interest in clothing, and studied the art of tailoring in London. The leather bag that he made his mother as a present for Mother’s Day became noticed by people around him, which is when he started to become interested in craftwork and the allure of leather.
“Leather is such a versatile material that can be used for products ranging from bags, to clothing and even furniture. It can also be combined with other fabrics like canvas or parts like metal. What makes leather so fun to work with is that you can come up with so many different designs for whatever you’re making. That’s what got me so passionate into the craft of working with leather.”
In 2013, he launched his own self-named brand. Using exclusively tanned oak bark leather, he conducts each of the manufacturing processes, ranging from cutting, stitching, and applying the finishing touches by himself. Even the metal parts are hand casted, with extreme time and effort poured into each of their high quality products.

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