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Hat Craftsman : HAVSTAD HAT COMPANY feature translation

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From/Bend Oregon

“Free spirited” hats born in a transportable factory.

Based out of Bend, Oregon, HAVSTAD HAT COMPANY is a hat brand that uses a transportable trailer as their factory. Owner and hat maker Cate Havstad originally moved from Northern California to Portland in search of a job working with horses. There, she encountered Western hats and met a Master Hatter while trying to repair her own hat. She was impressed with his craftsmanship and decided to pursue her own career in hat making and eventually began her own brand in 2014. The combination of a slim shape with a Western hat style became widely recognized by authentic cowboys as well as regular consumers. She continues to work with her own unique style, traveling the country in her trailer while making hats.

Clutch Books Hat Craftsman HAVSTAD HAT COMPANY

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