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Leather Products Book : Grok Leather feature translation

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Brand/Grok Leather

Craftsman/Goro Asai

Never judge leather by its scars. Doesn’t ranking leather seem presumptuous?

Although he has a mild appearance, Goro Asai of GROK LEATHER is man of principles when it comes to manufacturing leather items. 
“I believe that you should never sell anything that you can’t make yourself,” he says, as he works alone with leather materials without the help of any staff members. One of his principles is to never rank leather. 
“People might say that because that piece of leather is damaged and this one isn’t, they should be given different ranks. How would you like it if someone ranked you based on the scars on your body? That’s why I request to send me the leather in order of the pile that they’re in. If a piece of leather is damaged, why not just carve it and repair it?” 
The leather that he uses is 100% full vegetable tanned. Although he is passionate about leather, he never judges them based on their conditions. That is how GROK LEATHER can make something as simple as an accessory into something special. 

“I place a lot of thoughts and ideas into my work because I want people to use or wear items from GROK LEATHER and feel better about themselves.”

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