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Silver Jewelry Book : BILL WALL LEATHER feature translation

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Craftsman/Bill Wall
From/Malibu, U.S.A.

The path to being a silversmith began in the corner of a garage.

After starting his own brand in 1985, Bill has continued on path of being a silversmith even today. His hobby before launching his brand included leathercrafts and his mother was into making jewelry, so craftwork was something he grew up alongside from a young age. He was noticed by buyers while he was working on creating silver pieces alone in his garage which kick-started his career. Today he has his own studio in Malibu and has produced countless leathercrafts and silver pieces. Incorporating Malibu-inspired motifs such as surfing, motorcycles, and hot rods, he combines them with his experienced craftsmanship. In today’s age where things change so rapidly, he continues working with his own unchanging style, which is why his works have a timeless value regardless of the era.

Clutch Books Silver Jewelry BILL WALL LEATHER

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