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Leather Products Book : genten feature translation

Leather Clutch Books


Craftsman/Shigeru Yonekura

From/Tokyo Japan

Understanding the natural allure of the leather is understanding the “origin” of the products.

Leather is a product obtained from nature, and humans must co-exist with nature in any generation. In order to do so, genten preaches that being environmentally conscious is a necessity. Based on the concept of taking great care of the limited resources we have and manufacturing products that can be used for a lifetime, their simple yet chic products that transform beautifully over time are widely recognized by both men and women. With a product lineup that consists of bags, leather accessories, and clothing, the men’s and women’s lines are separated with the dangenten and genten lines, respectively. Both lines offer products made under the same concept, and you can tell first-hand at how the natural beauty of leather has been utilized and finished with designs and processes that suit the materials.


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