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Silver Jewelry Book : MOTO feature translation

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Craftsman/Hideo Motoike, Daisuke Motoike
From/Tottori Japan

Techniques passed down from parent to child.

“My father never taught me the basics of silver (laughs). The one thing he did teach me was about the 24k gold chain, which has today become a standard item,” begins Daisuke Motoike. His father, Hideo adds, “24k gold means that it’s pure gold. It’s very soft and is useless unless you pound it. On top of that, it requires a high degree of brazing, so it contains all the basic elements of engraving of pounding, cutting, and connecting.” Daisuke, who learned the craft of metal engraving in Italy, inherited the name MOTO in 1996 and began making jewelry. When he moved to Tokyo, he was told by a buyer from a popular store after he saw his 24k necklace and said, “You’ve got the skills to succeed here in Tokyo.” Hideo was known to be good at realistic depictions while Daisuke creates more abstract designs. Although their styles may differ, they possess the same techniques. The more you learn about the world of silver, the deeper and more interesting it gets.

Clutch Books Silver Jewelry MOTO

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