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Silver Jewelry Book : GILES&BROTHER feature translation

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From/New York

Silverwork with an emphasis on natural textures.

Giles & Brother is a New York-based brand founded by siblings Philip and Courtney in 2001. Incorporating stylish motifs into rugged silver and brass pieces, their products have a simple yet modern look. The brand blends American craftsmanship with luxury, and their art and antique accessories are put on display in their Manhattan studio, along with Phillip’s handmade prototypes. All of their tools are perfectly maintained and used with care. 
“We try to touch on various designs not only with jewelry, but also with antique accessories, hardware, and even harnesses from throughout the world in order to make things the way we want to,” they add. Their pieces are beautifully understated and provide a subtle accent to your everyday fashion.

Clutch Books Silver Jewelry GILES&BROTHER

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