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Leather Products Book : Slightly Alabama feature translation

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Brand/Slightly Alabama
From/New York

The warmth of products that can only be felt from handmade work.

Based out of a studio in an industrial area called Ridgewood in Queens, New York is leather accessory brand Slightly Alabama. Founded by creative director Dana Glaeser, the hallmark of their products is in the European saddle stitch used to assemble their pieces. Rather than using a sewing machine, they sew everything by hand using a technique which involves a single thread with harness needles attached to either end, which are passed back and forth through hand-punched holes. As the grandson of a woodcrafter and interior decorator, he was raised in a creative household and he took the natural path of learning about leather crafts from a young age. The items that he produces are all designed with stitchwork which requires precise and clean lines when drawn. The brand’s name was derived from his Alabama roots, where he spent his childhood years as a way to show respect to where he picked up the foundation of his craftsmanship.

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