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JAPAN DENIM Book : EIGHT-G feature translation

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Preserving originality in universally beloved jeans.

In Japan, jeans, which are synonymous with American casual wear, began flowing into the Japanese market and quickly spread as a fashion item, and during the 1960s, the first Japanese denim manufacturer was established. The name of that brand was EIGHT-G. Many other brands began popping up soon after, but EIGHT-G became a legendary brand to those in the know as the pioneer of Japanese denim. During the early days, most denim was made not with original fabric, but with fabric imported from the United States. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that EIGHT-G laid the path for domestically manufactured denim. Eventually, large jeans manufacturers were established, which led to mass production, and EIGHT-G faded away. However, in 1993, G-Pan Center Sakai, a casual jeans shop with a history spanning back 35 years based in Moto-Yawata in Chiba Prefecture, brought EIGHT-G back to life.
Currently, Takayuki Sakai is serving as the brand’s second director. Carrying the legendary brand on his shoulders, Sakai became a fan of denim during his childhood days and his passion for denim makes him one of the leading young figures in the Japanese denim industry.

After G-Pan Center Sakai took over EIGHT-G, it has attracted a lot of attention from many denim fans. This was thanks to the manufacturing of a completely new style of denim from the past. Manufacturing heavy-ounce denim, ultra-heavy 2 kg jeans, and high cost performance “under ¥10,000_” models, their wide variety of styles have caught the attention of people throughout the denim industry. What motivates them to continue making jeans on such an extreme level? The reason is simple. It’s because the director himself truly loves denim. The brand’s aggressive moves make us feel his passion and love for denim firsthand.

“Whether I’m working or not, I’m constantly wearing jeans. I barely ever wear any other types of pants. You can match any style of clothing with jeans and make your outfit look good. You won’t find another item that is so beloved universally. That is what motivates me to make jeans for people. Because they are a classic item, it drives me to continue making original denim that no one else can make.”

*This article was previouly featured in JAPAN DENIM book.

Japan Denim EIGHT-G

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