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JAPAN DENIM Book :JELADO feature translation

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Enjoy the feel of vintage from the moment you wear them.

“To be honest, when JELADO was first established, I wanted to try my hand in areas other than denim,” says Mr. Goto. The reason behind this, admits Goto, was that he wanted to go against the trend. It’s no secret that there are many American casual style brands that base their collections around denim wear. JELADO was established in 2005, a time when various brands were competing with each other in the denim industry. “I wanted to break the “rules” that American casual style brands all had to conform to a specific way.” Of course Goto is a huge fan of vintage denim, and it remains that denim is an integral part of Jelado. This was evident in his long years of wearing his treasured deadstock 501XX jeans. “However, eventually I realized that it wasn’t the idea of “developing” jeans that I liked. I simply enjoyed the fading patterns that showed up on my 501XX model.”

Many craft brands that are centered around denim start off by creating rigid and one-wash denim, and then move on to making distressed denim. In JELADO’s case, they started off by making vintage-style denim from the get-go. “Wearing jean for fashion reasons and wearing them to develop them are totally different. The way I see it, if you’re approaching it from a fashion viewpoint, you’d want to enjoy the feel of vintage denim from the moment you wear them.” The type of denim that Goto aims to create are not simply distressed jeans, but hard damaged jeans that appear to have been worn for years. “In my case, I like pairing heavily damaged jeans with more formal style clothing, so I tried to aim to create the ultimate distressed denim possible. For example, I like pairing damaged coveralls with slim white pants, or distressed denim with a white shirt. By combining them with damaged denim, it removes the “formalness” of the outfit and balances it out. The pursuit of heavily damaged, yet cool denim has been something that I have strived for from the past. I actually initially wanted to start up a brand with only damaged clothing.”

The new developments by Jelado include a brand new concept titled, “100 years of JELDO history” that was started from this season. Based on the setting that Jelado was actually established in 1916 instead of 2005, they have created a story around their collection that the latest items are “reproduced” vintage denim. “The concept is that it’s been 100 years, so it would be strange if the denim wasn’t extremely damaged.” One-wash models are made using distressed denim to create this effect. The concept completely goes against what most other brands are doing now. “That’s what I mean when I say I want to go against the trend. I guess it’s just a part of my personality that makes me want to do something completely different.”

*This article was previouly featured in JAPAN DENIM book.

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