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JAPAN DENIM Book : EDWIN feature translation

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The history of Edwin began with a pair of ordinary used jeans.

EDWIN was one of the pioneer brands to spread Japanese denim quality to the rest of the world. Committed to domestic fabrics and manufacturing, their high cost performance sets them apart from many of their competitors. Today they have established themselves as one of the world’s top jeans manufacturers, but it was not always smooth sailing from the beginning. It was only after a series of trial and errors that they achieved their current status.
“When I hear about the beginning stages of the brand, I understand that there were many obstacles and it was a very difficult time. The brand originally began selling surplus military items and then later importing used jeans, but our predecessors predicted that jeans would become the new standard of the next generation, and began producing their own original denim.”

After becoming the first brand to release washed denim in Japan, EDWIN began exporting their products overseas, mainly to Germany, during the 1980s. It would not be an exaggeration to say that it was Edwin that established the history of jeans as part of fashion in Japan.

After joining the brand in 1999, Kenta Sasaki currently serves as the planning manager for EDWIN’s production planning department. After experiencing the vintage trend during his school days, he quickly became entrenched in denim culture, and grew a passion in wearing raw denim and experiencing the ageing process.

“In 1994, EDWIN began selling their 505 selvedge denim model based on the concept of “New Vintage”, and in 1997 released the 503, which is now a widely supported classic model. Committed to the “shrink to fit” style, we have developed a wide range of original fabrics with the cooperation of famed Japanese denim factories such as Kaihara, Kurabo, and Nihon Menpu. In addition to developing vintage-style denim fabrics, we have also developed new styles of denim such as stretch fabrics and lighter fabrics that are ideal for summer seasons.”

As for their overseas business ventures, EDWIN has also opened flagship shops in Europe.
“We want EDWIN to continue to be the standard of denim, including our prices. To realize this concept, we launched the new E Standard line from last year. Sold both in Japan and overseas, the denim is made with high quality fabrics and features detailed stitching and stunning silhouettes. The men’s line features five variations, including the regular straight, skinny, and wide models for a wide range of needs.”

*This article was previouly featured in JAPAN DENIM book.

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