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JAPAN DENIM Book : MOMOTARO JEANS feature translation

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Manufacturing with uncompromising quality for a product that lasts for many years.

Momotaro Jeans was started in 2006. The brand’s name derives from the fact that it is based in Kojima, Okayama, considered the mecca of Japanese denim. Originally a textile manufacturer, this year marks the brand’s 10th anniversary. During the vintage trend that hit Japan during the 1990’s, Momotaro Jeans was a leading brand in reproducing classic vintage denim. It would not be an exaggeration to say that Momotaro Jeans was a pioneer in helping the world understand the quality of Japanese denim.

“The foundation of Momotaro Jeans lies in the durability of our jeans. By committing to using the highest quality materials, such as Zimbabwe cotton, deep indigo dyes that make the denim age beautifully, and using Union Special sewing machines from the United States, we utilize original ideas and techniques for each process of our denim manufacturing.”

Behind the catchy name of “Momotaro” lies a heavy commitment to uncompromising manufacturing quality.
Yusuke Matsumoto is currently in charge of planning and marketing at Momotaro Jeans’ Tokyo office. He has an extensive knowledge of vintage to streetwear, and has a keen sense of style and balance of fashion. This season, he oversaw a line of jacquard camouflage denim stitched with indigo dyed yarn. We spoke to him about his passion towards denim products.
“We believe that our denim can be worn by our customers for at least ten years. In order for our denim to last that long, we offer repair services for free of charge. Taking ageing into consideration, the cotton yarn that fades with the indigo dyes is essential. However, there are cases where the yarn weakens after years of use. In order for denim to be last, maintenance is extremely important. We can even repair buttons and rivets, although they will rarely come off.”

Momotaro Jeans has become widely recognized not only in Japan, but also overseas as well with their unique silhouettes and beautiful deep blue indigo dyes, which has become known as “Japan Blue”. In order for “tateochi” the Japanese term that refers to occurrences of vertical lines in the denim, to appear, the white portion of the threads must be preserved. While the outside of the threads is blue, the inside is white. Combining these two opposing features is a technique that Momotaro Jeans has picked up through years of experience and knowhow.

“Another key is that we use Zimbabwe cotton. This type of cotton has a long fiber length, so it provides a shiny texture and is extremely soft and comfortable to wear.”
*This article was previouly featured in JAPAN DENIM book.


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