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JAPAN DENIM Book : FDMTL feature translation

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The pursuit of creating a new denim design.

Distressed jeans are made by applying a process that makes them look and feel as though they have been worn for five to ten years. The key to making a high quality pair of distressed jeans is how realistic you can reproduce them to look like an actual pair of vintage jeans. The beauty of the fading colors and how you can make them a one-of-a-kind pair by wearing them for years and years is one of the allures of denim. FDMTL has developed quite the reputation for their high level processing techniques and repair methods. In addition to their processing techniques, their stunning designs make their products especially unique. It is their originality that has led them to the creation of a new style of denim.

With a unique background in IT, architecture, and apparel, Gaku Tsuyoshi, who serves as FDMTL’s director, launched the brand in 2005. 

“At the time, I really wanted a pair of damaged vintage jeans. However, when I went out searching for a pair at vintage shops, I couldn’t find a pair in my waist size or length, so I had to settle for something that I wasn’t 100% interested in. I thought that if I made them myself, I could satisfy all of my needs, from the size to the amount of damage to the jeans. That was how I first began making distressed jeans. I luckily had a lot of friends who were apparel designers, so I received a lot of support.”

Tsuyoshi had always been good at making things since we was younger, and was often praised for his artistic and craftsmanship skills during his school years. The jeans he makes are truly works of art. Using different processing techniques, his denim are a complete departure from the standard style of standard distressed jeans.


“It all began with me wanting the perfect pair of damaged jeans, and now I take orders from users who have specific requests. So, I always have pairs of raw denim prepared as well. Also for the length, if hemming is required, we can also apply the processing to just the hemmed part to match the rest of the jeans.”
Since about 2011, FDMTL has been receiving high praise from throughout Europe and the United States. Their distressed jeans have given denim a refreshing and innovative new look. Jeans have long been considered a “standard” item, and that’s precisely the reason why it’s fun to play around with them. His produced distressed designs will surely soon become recognized throughout the world.
*This article was previouly featured in JAPAN DENIM book.

Japan Denim FDMTL

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