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JAPAN DENIM Book : STEVENSON OVERALL CO. feature translation

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Blending classic denim details with modern designs.

In 2005, 
Atsusuke Tagaya launched Stevenson Overall Co. Taking over a brand name that had once existed in the United States, his goal was to bring it back to modern times, based on the production of denim. We sat down with him and asked him about his thoughts and passion towards denim.

“When I launched this brand, the first thing I wanted to make was denim. However, I didn’t necessarily want to reproduce vintage denim. Instead, I wanted to start from a more fundamental process. I had always felt an allure towards the durability and practicality of workweardenim, as well as the details and designs that all had practical purposes behind them. Another aspect that I thought was equally important was originality. Our standard denim models that we have been manufacturing since the brand was established feature details such as lock stitching (single needle stitching) and curved pockets, which require a lot of effort and costs to make, but were able to be achieved with the cooperation of sewing plants. 

Today, our curved pockets have become an iconic design for our brand, as we have combined the practicality of being able to easily insert and remove things from the curved pockets with the unique designs that they offer. For example, most people might not know what lock stitching is, but we believe that incorporating these subtle details to make our denim different from the average denim is an important element. On the other hand, it’s also important not to overdo it. Many workwear brands existed in the United States a long time ago, as minor brands went up against bigger brands with unique designs. That is the image that we have when we come up with out designs. Regardless of whether they existed in the past, I place a huge emphasis on keeping a balance between details and designs, and combining practicality with stylish designs.”

When managing a brand, it’s no secret that originality and individuality are necessary. However, Stevenson Overall Co.’s concept is based on utilizing the practical elements found in original workwear and not straying too far from those details. Just like there were reasons for all the details found in American vintage wear, Stevenson Overall Co.’s items feature details that serve a specific purpose, and don’t stray far away from the genre of everyday fashion wear.

*This article was previouly featured in JAPAN DENIM book.

Stevenson Overall Co. Japan Denim

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