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JAPAN DENIM Book : Japan Blue Jeans feature translation

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What started as a sample product to sell denim fabrics has led to a creation of a world-class denim brand.

Japan Blue Jeans actively participates in tradeshows throughout the world, and has established itself as a popular brand name in select shops across Asia and Europe. We spoke with Mr. Kishimoto, the brand director of Japan Blue Jeans, about the unexpected way the brand was established.
“Japan Blue was originally a textile company, and our main business was selling fabric, including Japanese denim fabric, to buyers around the world. We would take part in tradeshows held overseas and showcase our sample fabrics, and sell the Japanese fabrics to apparel manufacturers. However, it was difficult to convey the quality of our fabrics with just sample pieces. So, we decided to use that fabric and make our own 5-pocket denim jeans to give buyers a better image of what our fabric was like. Because we were using Japanese-made fabric, we put a lot of effort in making the jeans.”

That was the beginning of Japan Blue Jeans. By using Japanese fabrics and presenting it with actual denim jeans with a slim silhouette, which was popular overseas, the brand was hoping that buyers would appreciate their fabrics. However, things moved in a completely different direction than they had expected.
“When we showed them the products made with our sample fabrics, the overseas buyers were more interested in the actual products than our fabrics. That’s when I thought that these products had potential to start up an actual brand, and that’s when we decided to create Japan Blue Jeans as a full-scale denim brand.”

It might come as a surprise, but Japan Blue Jeans originally started as a brand geared exclusively for the overseas market. After receiving high acclaim from different countries around the world, the brand began increasing the number of dealerships in Japan, and continued to grow as a reverse-imported Japanese brand.
“Silhouettes are very important in the overseas denim market, so I believe that it is critical for us to create silhouettes and fabrics that can rival our competitors around the world.”

In recent years, the brand has begun using cotton from the Ivory Coast to create a truly unique style of denim. Originally started as an idea for a sample product, Japan Blue Jeans has preserved a sense of simplicity in their designs and pursued beautiful silhouettes that could be universally appreciated. Using their concepts acquired through their dealings with overseas buyers, Japan Blue Jeans has successfully combined their knowhow with the quality of Japanese manufacturing to create a unique and global base.

*This article was previouly featured in JAPAN DENIM book.

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