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JAPAN DENIM Book : FULLCOUNT feature translation

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Maintaining the same quality to continue preserving the brand’s manufacturing standards. 

After being deeply impressed by the soft, comfortable texture of vintage denim, Mikiharu Tsujita, director of Full Count, began making jeans in 1993. Soon after, “Made in Japan” jeans began to slowly gain attention from the rest of the fashion world. The main feature of Full Count’s denim is the way they age beautifully, and become even more comfortable the more they are worn. Comfort is something that will never go out of style. And that is one of the major goals that Full Count strives to achieve.

“It’s not easy to continue making the same jeans for years and years. Even with the same fabric, the texture can vary depending on the season or temperature. And even when the same experienced craftsmen do the same manufacturing processes day in and day out, they may develop certain habits that result in slight changes in the end product. By regularly observing the products and how they are made, we are able to continue making the same products at a high level over the years.”
Their commitment to creating high quality denim without ever changing their ways since the brand was established is what makes appeals to fans of Full Count. The brand’s biggest secret lies in their fabric.
“In order to make the same products with the same level of quality for years and years, it is important to continue using the same manufacturing process, regardless of the season or condition. Denim fabric is extremely delicate, so slight changes arise depending on the changes in the surrounding environment, such as temperature and humidity. That is why we regularly adjust the settings of the looms that we use to make out fabric, and keep them running to create fabrics while maintaining the same level of quality.”

When people discover a pair of denim that they like, they tend to want to wear the same pair for years and years. Being able to walk into a shop and find the same model that you became attached to, matter how many years have passed, is something that true denim fans desire. That is the true essence of the Full Count’s manufacturing methods.
 “Making something over and over with the same quality requires a lot of responsibility. Even though our craftsmen are experienced, it is our responsibility to see through the entire manufacturing process to make sure everything is just the way we want. Our denim have a high standard to live up to, and this is something that is required to meet those standards.”

*This article was previouly featured in JAPAN DENIM book.


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