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MIL.for Spring

The cover story of this month’s issue is titled “MIL. FOR SPRING” and will focus on spring military styles.
For the upcoming spring season, many brands have announced the release of a variety of military items such as trench coats, smocks, M-41 chino pants and gurkha pants. European-style military items in particular are trending this year, and for the cover story, we will be introducing our favorite military styles and products for the spring.The second cover story is titled “TOKYO HOTEL STYLE,” which will focus on some of our favorite hotels that we want to share with Clutchmen around the world.Recently, we are seeing an increase of boutique hotels that offer stylish designs, delicious meals and memorable experiences.Visitors can use the hotels wearing casual outfits, and the cafes and restaurants located inside them are convenient for work meetings.We have created a list of cool and casual hotels in Tokyo.Furthermore, this month’s issue will also feature the special “CLUTCH COLLECTION” cover story that we publish once every six months.We have dedicated approximately 30 pages to present a list and catalogs of brands that are essential for Clutchmen.