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This month’s issue is a special collaborative issue with British men’s fashion and lifestyle magazine, “men’s file.” Weighing in at 1kg, this double-issue is filled with lots of exciting content.The feature story of this month’s Clutch Magazine is titled, “Vintage & New.”The vintage style is the basic style of a Clutchman. We love old items that become even cooler the more time passes. However, it is very difficult for all of the items that you use on an everyday basis to be authentic vintage items. That is why we recommend incorporating “new” vintage items, including reproduction items and products with classic looks and cutting edge functionality. Of course, if those products don’t give off an authentic vintage or heritage flavor, we generally don’t use them. For Clutchmen, vintage elements are necessary, even in new products.The first feature story focuses on the balance between “vintage and new” by introducing a collection of personal belongings of people in the industry, masterpiece reproduction items and interviews with some of out favorite up-and-coming shops. Check out the latest vintage styles for 2018 and 2019.The second feature story is titled, “Clutchman’s Eyewear Style.” We will be introducing portraits of cool eyewear worn by various members of the fashion industry, including directors, designers, members of the press, shop managers, photographers and stylists.