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ICON OF CLUTCH MAN Choosing my own style over trends

This month’s CLUTCH is a special collaborative issue with British magazine “men’s file”. The first feature story of the voluminous magazine is titled, “ICON OF CLUTCHMAN”. We gathered together “Clutchmen” who choose universal and high quality items without being influenced by the latest trends, and introduced their iconic styles. For this month’s issue, we asked artist and musician Mark Maggiori to grace the cover. We sat down with Mark Maggiori and other Clutchmen to deliver snapshots of their favorite outfits and fashion items ranging from indigo, workwear, resort and military wear. We will also be introducing some of the hottest silver jewelry for the upcoming summer season as selected by members of our editorial department. Perhaps you can find inspiration for your summer style from among our recommended items. In the “men’s file” side, we wil be showcasing a wide range of dynamic photographs of Southern California-style craftsmen. Also don't miss out on the 25-page spread of beautiful photographs depicting the synergy between vintage girls and vintage cars.

辻本賢人(Kent Tsujimoto)