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The sensibilities of key persons responsible for leading the next generation.

The special collaborative issue of British men’s fashion and lifestyle magazine “men’s file.” CLUTCH Magazine’s first feature story is titled “THE POWERFUL GENERATION.” In order to seek out the sensibilities of the men who are leading the next generation of the fashion and culture scene, we asked them to show us the various products that they use for work and in their private lives. Whether it’s clothing or interior accessories, we are living in an age where we have countless options. So what are the criteria or reasons that these men who are active in various industries when selecting products that they use? The stories surrounding each of these products are filled with hints for how to perfect your style starting from tomorrow.

In addition, this month’s issue is filled with content that we want our readers who love vintage styles to read. In our cover story, we will be introducing the “single ultimate products” of vintage lovers throughout the world. The issue also features a report on the “GRIZZLY CUP” vintage motorcycle off-road race and a story about vintage bandana collections. We will also be introducing a variety of the latest products from popular brands that have been reconstructed for modern fashion based on the image sources of vintage products.

On the other hand, the men’s file issue’s feature story is all about motorcycles. The issue features reports and photos about the various vintage motorcycle races held in the UK, United States and France as well as interviews with famous custom motorcycle builders. Inside, you will also find many portraits of the styles of men and women photographed in cities throughout the world. Photographer Nick Clements serves as the editor-in-chiefof men’s file, and many of his amazing photos will be appearing in the magazine, so please look forward to the release of this collaborative issue.