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We’ve entered the season where fashion is fun again, from outerwear, knits, denim and boots. Walking through the streets, there are temptations everywhere. The first thing we focused on is leather items. Looking at the Schott Onestar jacket that is gracing this month’s cover, we naturally feel like wearing a stylish double-breasted motorcycle jacket with the collar up. Alongside the standard double and single-breasted motorcycle jackets, soft leather fabrics such as deerskin and suede are also in style. As you can see from the snapshots, both have been clearly worn in and aged beautifully. In the leather cover story, we have also introduced the latest news regarding motorcycles, new store openings, the latest products from popular brands, a focus on the art of leather craftsmanship and various leather products from a wide range of different perspectives. The second cover story is our special CLUTCH FOR WOMEN feature, where we incorporated CLUTCH Magazine’s world into women’s fashion. We hope that you read it together with the woman next to you.