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“Made in Japan” items chosen throughout the world.

This month’s CLUTCH Magazine Vol. 57 kicks off with a collection of snapshots from New York, Las Vegas, Berlin, and London. After introducing snapshots of our favorite late summer styles is this month’s feature story titled “MY FAVORITE JAPAN PRODUCS”. Throughout the years we at CLUTCH Magazine have continued to showcase the appeal of Japanese products to fans in Japan and throughout the world through interviews with countless designers and at their respective production factories. So what are the reactions to these Japanese products of fashion lovers from around the world? In order to answer this question, we spoke with designers, craftsmen, and select shop staff members from overseas to see what their favorite Japanese products are. To conclude this month’s issue, we have created a collection of classic items from our recommended brands and a catalog of the latest released items in a feature titled, “CLUTCH COLLECTION”. We will be introducing some of our recommended items for the upcoming fall season, ranging from light outerwear, shirts, and boots. Please use this to plan for your fall shopping. This month’s issue is jam-packed with information from Japan and around the world which will further inspire men’s lifestyles.