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This book introduces hotels in New York from an “architectural design” perspective. From Manhattan to Brooklyn to suburban areas that New Yorkers like to visit on their holidays, we have picked up uniquely designed hotels recommended by CLUTCH Magazine.For example, various styles of hotels will be making appearances in this book, from a hotel that was renovated from a 100-year old building and combines classic and modern designs, a hotel that uses creative colorways that perfectly matches the city of modern art, to an industrial-style design that has permeated in Japan in recent years.For each hotel, we have captured snapshots on the lobby, restaurants, bedrooms, and bathrooms to showcase the range of beautiful interior designs.Also, in recent years, the values of travelers has shifted to “keeping hotel costs as low as possible” and “staying in hotels that you can only experience in the local region”, and the demand for B&B (bed & breakfast) style accommodations where you can rent out the entire home instead of a standard hotel that is equipped with restaurants and conference rooms has increased significantly. This shift in trend has already caught on in New York, with the number of modern and innovative B&B’s increasing rapidly.This book, which serves as in introduction to various architectural designs, has shifted its focus on these next-generation B&B’s.In addition to fashion, music, art, and food, the genre of hotel designs is part of the New York culture for travelers around the world. Please enjoy snapshots of some of out favorite latest hotels designed by the world’s top creators.The book also includes basic information for each hotel, and can be used as a hotel guide for your next visit to New York.