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For CLUTCH Magazine Vol. 56, we have collaborated with British magazine “Men’s File” to present a total of 394 pages of content. On the cover, we have featured artist Dai Hirai, who offers music inspired by surf rock n’ roll and country music and is a huge fan of heritage fashion. As the face of the next generation of “Clutchmen”, we had him showcase various styles with items such as hats and leather jackets. The first feature story of this month’s issue is “CASUAL RICH”, a theme that this magazine idealizes on a regular basis. Casual rich consists of enjoying high quality or valuable items in a casual sense, whether that be fashion, interior, or your lifestyle in general. For the other feature story, we have focused on our favorite indigo styles for the upcoming summer season. We have introduced some of the best indigo items for the summer from various brands, starting from standard denim items to other items made with light fabrics such as linen and gauze. Vehicle fans will also enjoy our reports of a classic motorcycle race held in Chiba and vintage air-cooled Porsche event held in Los Angeles.