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THE PORTRAITS for Clutch Women



At CLUTCH Magazine, we often put the spotlight onto products, including fashion, interior, cars, and motorcycles, which are universally beloved and aren't swayed by temporary trends. For this series, we have gathered together a portrait collection of women who share this philosophy. The women who appear in this series are masters of wearing vintage garments, turning items from men’s brands into a feminine look, and draping themselves in styles that are unique and aren't swayed by current trends. Each season, especially with women’s fashion, new trends emerge and quickly disappear, but the women who appear here are part of the minority who have carved out their own styles. We can say with confidence that even ten years in the future, their styles will still be appreciated by fans of fashion. While we normally focus on men’s fashion, we have challenged ourselves to focus on some of our favorite women’s fashion. The book will be released simultaneously with the men’s issue, so please look forward to it hitting bookstores!