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THE PORTRAITS for Clutch Men




A collection of portraits featuring snapshots of stylish men.

At CLUTCH Magazine, we often put the spotlight onto products, including fashion, interior, cars, and motorcycles, which are universally beloved and aren't swayed by temporary trends. We refer to men who are inspired by vintage wear and choose classic and well-made fashion items as “CLUTCHMEN”. This book features a collection of portraits of some of our favorite “CLUTCHMEN” from countries throughout the world including Japan, the United States, France, the United Kingdom, and Germany. The snapshots feature their original everyday styles and were not produced by professional stylists. It shows them in a natural state, and we have even included details on their individual garments to serve as references to inspire your own style. If you find any pieces that you think would be a good addition to your own collection, why not try to incorporate the CLUTCHMEN styles into your everyday fashion?