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What you can experience on Queen Elizabeth Luxury Cruise Ship #2

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Coverage of Queen Elizabeth Part 2.
Last series, we covered the rooms and restaurants for guests. In this series, we introduce the entertainment and relaxation side with multiple facilities and programs for all guests. On the Queen Elizabeth, there are Royal Court Theaters, casinos and many facilities that are programed all day. From orchestrated music concerts to vocal recitals, movies theaters, quiz tournaments, bridge card games, fencing and dance lessons, water paint lessons… the list goes on of endless varieties of activities. All programs are listed on the daily newspaper inside the cruise ship.


Queens room is where the welcome party and dance parties are hosted, a symbolic facility of Cunard Company. On the day of our shooting, the Black and White Ball, a formal white and black dress code party was happening while a live band played in the background.


The Empire Casino is on deck 2. They have all the casino favorites such as roulette, slot machines and baccara. Please play at your own risk!

For anybody that enjoys a good exercise, the game deck is on deck 11. Anything from paddle tennis, shuffle board and deck cricket can be enjoyed.

The library is located on the second floor of deck 2 and 3. With stained glass ceilings, the atmosphere almost seems like a scene from a movie. There are more 8,000 books to choose from, and even Japanese books.


Many celebrities have enjoyed a cruise on Queen Elizabeth, Mr. Winston Churchill is one of them. This cigar lounge is named after him, who loved cigars. They hold a rich variety in cigars at the lounge. There is nothing better than smoking a cigar with a beautiful ocean view.


This high-end spa facility was renewed on 2018. Each course is subject to fees, but is an excellent place to get a massage for ultimate relaxation. Photo above/ special massage chair made of stones. Photo below/ Aroma therapy room for stress relief. Mineral bath with temperature set between 37°C to 39°C for comfort.

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An art-deco designed interior, full of entertainment and shopping. If you want to relax, you can step out to get some fresh ocean breeze or take a walk around the deck. You can even get a great view while enjoying the pool or spa. When the sun comes down, you can dress up and enjoy the finest food restaurants have to offer. On gala evening, it is mandatory to wear a black tie for formal dress code. Something you can only experience in western culture being based in Japan. The Queen Elizabeth is one of the most historic cruise ships that have been admired through generations. The experience of the cruise does not compare to any other leisure or vacations. It is more than that and cannot be put into words. All information about the cruise can be found on Queen Elizabeth official website.


Photo by Nanako Hidaka Text by CLUTCH Magazine
This article is an altered from its original content. Original content can be found in CLUTCH Magazine Vol. 68

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