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What you can experience on Queen Elizabeth Luxury Cruise Ship #1

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When you wanted to take a trip somewhere, everyone has dreamed of enjoying a luxury cruise trip. Queen Elizabeth, by Cunard Line is one that comes to mind. There are many luxurious cruise ships around the world, but Queen Elizabeth is considered the most historically rich and luxurious of its kind. The exterior design is considered a floating work of art, and has one of the best services in the world for guest to be able to enjoy their time being.
A view of the Pavilion Pool from Deck 10 (10th floor of the boat) to Deck 9. This pool features two jet bathtubs and a spacious poolside.
What kind of entertainment can you expect on Queen Elizabeth? Is Queen Elizabeth enjoyable for everybody? Many readers may have the same questions we had before actually experiencing the trip for ourselves. It was a dream come true for Clutch Magazine’s editor in-chief. It was an experience that made him forget about his busy days as editor and father of a family. This is a two-part series of the experience at hand.
Photo by Cunard Line

History of Queen Elizabeth
With a history of around 180 years, Queen Elizabeth is operated by Cunard Line. The first Queen Elizabeth launch was in 1938. In 2010, the third and current Queen Elizabeth debuted. 90900 tons in weight, available to suit 2081 passengers.
View of the grand lobby. The front piece is an art work of the first Cunard Queen Elizabeth. This art was created by David Linley, nephew of Queen Elizabeth.
Queen Elizabeth Bedroom
The Queen Elizabeth is considered ‘the most luxurious moving hotel’. There are many categories of guest rooms on the cruise, and a dining restaurant for each category. This time we introduce the standard class Britannia Category (BE) with balcony.
View of BE category. 21㎡of space. Features king size bed, living area and bathroom (shower). There is also a single bed room in the same category, popular amongst single traveling adults.

All bath amenities are provided by Penhaligon’s, a British Royal Warrant company. Each product has a rich luxurious fragrance suitable to its atmosphere.

A balcony with full view of the ocean. The smooth ride will make you forget about time. The beautiful view of the ocean is even better during sunrise and sunset.
We experienced the 10-day trip departing from Yokohama City. With the BE category, the 10-day trip is 350,000〜 Japanese Yen per person.
Enjoyable Food in Queen Elizabeth
Food is served at each restaurant of each category. All food and drinks are included in the expense. With the extravagant interior and excellent food, it makes us sit up right for a proper meal. Not only is there a restaurant, there are also cafes and bars to satisfy us for the meantime. It is so satisfying that many guests have left the cruise heavier then before… For cruise ships that depart from Japan, there are buffets that serve Japanese food for local guest.
The Britannia Restaurant is a spacious two-story atrium, with elegant feel. You can choose to eat a full course meal or individual meals. 

The menu of Britannia Restaurant (reserved seats). Top phot is fried lobster with tomato parmejean rice, bottom photo is baked Alaska with Morello cherries.
This Lounge that can be used by Grill class guests. Has an art deco design, and high ceiling for classical look. They serve pre-dinner drinks.
Photo of Queen’s Grill (Reserved Seat) course menu. The highest quality menu for Grill class guests.


The Golden Lion pub is a historical pub recreated in the cruise. Features Victorian era designs and spacious table. They host quiz events during the day, and live jazz bands at night. There is over 10 variations of English beer on tap with fish and chips or Shepard’s pie for an authentic pub lunch. Pictured is a less carbonated and fruity London Pride with fish and chips.
During 3pm to 4pm, there is afternoon tea on the 2nd deck of the Queen’s room. Scones and tea are served along with mini size cakes.

Compared to airplanes, trains, cars or motorcycles, a cruise trip’s quality is measured by how you spend your time. The best way to spend your time on Queen Elizabeth is to relax your mind and body. The cruise ship has a 360-degree view of the ocean. This is a perfect atmosphere to be able to relax, but isn’t it boring to spend days out in the ocean with limited space? For people who ask this question, the next series will feature all the best entertainment and relaxation facilities Queen Elizabeth has to offer.

Photo by Nanako Hidaka  Text by CLUTCH Magazine 
Cunard Line  http://www.cunard.jp
This article is an altered from its original content. Original content can be found in CLUTCH Magazine Vol. 68

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