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The Ultimate Summer Shirt by Pherrow’s!

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The perfect season for a short-sleeved shirt is here.
Loose fitting Hawaiian shirts, heavy duty work shirts and timeless checked pattern shirts are all perfect items for the summer. We showcase the full line up of Pherrow’s summer shirt essentials.

Hawaiian Shirt/VOYNICHI
The Voynich Manuscript is a recorded unknown writing system which was found in Italy during 1912. This shirt is designed based off the artwork and letters found in the manuscript.¥15,984_

Hawaiian Shirt
A Hawaiian shirt with designed with palm trees, yachts, fishes and wave patterns.¥15,984_

Western Shirt
A western shirt designed short-sleeve shirt made of 100% cotton. The checked fabric has a subtle slub texture. ¥15,984_

Work Shirt
A work shirt made with custom produced checked print fabric. Another timeless basic summer shirt by Pherrow’s.¥12,960_

Work Shirt
A work shirt made with 100% cotton seersucker fabric. Uses asymmetrical front pockets, rounded back yoke and chain stitch embroidery on back, all classic workwear details.¥17,280_

Open Collar Shirt
An open collar shirt designed based off a 1970s shirt with a deep V-zone opening. The cotton rayon blended fabric is very soft at touch and perfect for summer seasons.¥14,904_

Open Collar Shirt
Uses a 56% silk 44% linen blended fabric. The fabric is washed and has a silky touch and natural loom state feel. The chainstitch embroidery gives it a vintage look.¥18,144_

Italian Collar Shirt
The collars are designed to spread wide for a clean look, making a simple shirt feel elegant. Uses EVALET, a special fabric that is quick to dry and contains stretch material, and will not lose its shape after multiple washes.¥12,960_

Italian Collar Shirt

The shirt is designed based off of a vintage Italian collar shirt, using a hound’s tooth pattern fabric made of EVALET material. ¥12,960_

Pherrow’s shirting can be used for both casual and formal scenes.
Every shirt is has a classic style that makes it a timeless standard for anyone who wears it.

Photo by Masahiro Nagata  Text by Tamaki Itakura  CLUTCH Magazine
Pherrow's Tel.03-5725-9577 http://www.pherrows.com/

・This article is an altered from its original content. Original content can be found in CLUTCH Magazine Vol. 67


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