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CLUTCH Magazine vol.67 released today

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The latest CLUTCH Magazine vol. 67 issue is released today.

This month’s issue presents a special feature story on the basic styles and lifestyles for “Clutchmen”. First, we kick it off with a story on coverall collections. While coveralls are a standard vintage style, this will mark the first time that we have properly covered them in the magazine. The coverall is easier to handle than a long coat and easier to layer than a short blouson, making it an extremely versatile fashion item. We will be introducing a variety of coverall styles from popular brands that are perfect to wear from the spring to the early summer season. We will be presenting a wide range of style, including work, military and resort styles.

Next up is the first feature story titled “CLUTCHMAN’S STYLE for Spring”, where we will be introducing the spring and summer wardrobe plans of those who possess their own unique styles. During this part of the year, where it’s hot during the day but chilly at night, it can be difficult to find the perfect items to wear. However, that does not mean that you should slack off on your everyday wardrobe. Use the selections made by our featured guests as a hint for this year’s spring and summer styles.

This month’s issue also offers substantial pages devoted to accessories that will get you in the mood for the upcoming summer. 

Following our fashion feature stories, we present a double-feature story covering motorcycles and cars. First up is “Dresda Autos”.  We visited renowned motorcycle builders “Dresda Autos”, who combined a Triumph engine and a Norton frame to create the “Triton”, a machine that will go down in history of motorcycles. Enjoy reading about the history of Dresda Autos, as well as our exclusive interview with the owner through the extremely rare and rich content covered in this month’s issue.

Next up is the “Classic Sports Car”. With the cooperation of classic car specialist “Vintage Shonan”, we will be introducing some of our favorite classic sports cars alongside dynamic photographs of them. Extremely rare models, centering around Porsche models, will be introduced over 15 pages.

In this month’s popular “THE LISTED PRODUCTS” series, we conducted an interview with Tsuge Pipe, a well-established pipe maker that has led the smoking culture in Japan since the company was founded in 1936. Tsuge Pipe has released countless artistic pipes that have captivated smokers throughout the world. This series will feature the TSUGE THUNDERSTORM, a hit item that was created by Tsuge Pipe to meets the needs of the new generation.

This latest issue is filled with amazing fashion and lifestyle content for men, and is the perfect item to enjoy during your Golden Week holiday. The magazine is also available for purchase from our online store.

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