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Clutch Magazine Vol. 65 x men’s file vol. 19 released today

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The latest volume of Clutch Magazine has been released today.
This month’s issue is a special collaborative issue with British men’s fashion and lifestyle magazine, “men’s file.” Weighing in at 1kg, this double-issue is filled with lots of exciting content.

The feature story of this month’s Clutch Magazine is titled, “Vintage & New.”
The vintage style is the basic style of a Clutchman. We love old items that become even cooler the more time passes. However, it is very difficult for all of the items that you use on an everyday basis to be authentic vintage items. That is why we recommend incorporating “new” vintage items, including reproduction items and products with classic looks and cutting edge functionality. Of course, if those products don’t give off an authentic vintage or heritage flavor, we generally don’t use them. For Clutchmen, vintage elements are necessary, even in new products.
The first feature story focuses on the balance between “vintage and new” by introducing a collection of personal belongings of people in the industry, masterpiece reproduction items and interviews with some of out favorite up-and-coming shops. Check out the latest vintage styles for 2018 and 2019.

The second feature story is titled, “Clutchman’s Eyewear Style.” We will be introducing portraits of cool eyewear worn by various members of the fashion industry, including directors, designers, members of the press, shop managers, photographers and stylists.
Incorporating eyewear into your outfit can significantly change your entire look. Why not try to update your look as we begin the new year.

For this month’s “The Listed Products,” one of our most popular series, we featured the L-Series, Yamaha’s high-end acoustic guitar series. We visited the production site of the L-Series, which is widely renowned as the highest grade of Japanese acoustic guitars to get a closer look at what makes them so great. We also published a full catalog for your viewing pleasure.

We have also published some of the most iconic items of popular brands. For example, the B-7 from The Real McCoy’s, which continues to be one of the coolest items around this year.

The latest denim from pure blue japan, which continues to pioneer the industry with new styles of selvedge denim.

Stevenson Overall Co. is a brand that is deeply inspired by vintage culture, yet continues to create new and unique designs. In this month’s issue, we spoke with brand founder Atsusuke Tagaya about what goes on behind the scenes when creating new arranged designs based  on the theme of “military clothing.”

At the end of the volume you can find the vintage collectors series. This month we will be introducing the Wrangler collection of Rikiya Kanemaru from Gold Gate. He showed us some of his most historic items and rare vintage pieces from Wrangler, including the 111MJ, 11MW , Champion Jacket and Rodeo Clown Pants.

This month’s issue is filled with plenty of other enjoyable content. The men’s file issue, on the other hand, features plenty of content about classic cars and motorcycles from the UK and US, interviews and beautiful photography of heritage brands filled with quality craftsmanship.

Purchase this special two-in-one collaborative issue at local bookstores or online!

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