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Experience the quality of New York’s top barber for your daily grooming with Ludlow Blunt Salon’s original grooming goods.

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We’re approaching the end of the year, which to many people is often a very busy and hectic time. We think that it’s important to make sure you are feeling refreshed when going back to work, whether by bathing before going to sleep or washing your face the next morning. To our readers who agree, we are happy to deliver some good news about the latest collection of grooming goods that we highly recommend.
This autumn, Ludlow Blunt Salon, a barbershop located in Brooklyn, New York, released a line of original grooming goods.
Ludlow Blunt Salon is widely considered to be one best authentic classic style barbershops in the world. It was opened in Brooklyn in 1994 by Russell Manley, who wanted to revive the traditional men’s grooming shop that existed in New York during the early 20th century. In  the summer of 2017, they opened their first overseas shop in the Daikanyama district of Tokyo.

Pictured here is owner Russell Manley. He began his career as a barber in London, and achieved great success after renovating a 1920s-style barbershop before moving to the United States. There, he continued to pass down the traditional barbershop style.

The brand’s first-ever original grooming goods have been developed using high quality components and fragrances under the supervision of Russell, and expresses Ludlow Blunt’s unique worldview all the way to the bottles and packaging.
The lineup includes men’s grooming items such as shampoos, conditioners, wax, pomade, aftershave lotions, body wash and aroma diffusers, and the cool product designs are inspired by vintage whiskey bottles.
From this lineup, we picked up three of our favorite items.
Shampoo (Smooth)
460ml ¥5,184_
The creamy silicone-free foam removes sebum from the pores and other dirt buildup such as dust and provides a refreshing feel for your hair and scalp. After washing your hair, you will be left without an oily feeling (stickiness) and squeakiness.

WAX Shine
130g ¥4,104_
This wax is easy to spread and gels in your hair to give you a naturally wet and shiny look. Arrange your hairstyle using a comb, brush or your fingers.
Aftershave Lotion
280ml ¥4,860_
Protect your damaged skin with anti-inflammatory components after each shave. This aftershave lotion also offers repairing functions.

The mini-size bottles (¥972_/¥1,296_) that are perfect for trial use or for bringing with you on vacations are also available. The bottles are designed like test tubes to give them a unique and cool look.
Check out the entire lineup from here.
At the beginning of last November, a party was held at the main shop in Brooklyn to commemorate the release of these products. The guests all enjoyed an elegant night in a classic atmosphere, conversing and listening to live music.



Why not try to incorporate the quality of New York’s top barbershop into your daily grooming time?
They also make the perfect gifts during this season for friends and loved ones.
Photo by LUDLOW BLUNT(products)Lisa Kato (Portrait , Party)
Text by CLUTCH Magazine 
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