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For gentlemen who love vintage styles! Stylish select shop “MANREADY MERCANTILE”

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Today we will be introducing MANREADY MERCANTILE, a candle brand based out of Houston, Texas.

In addition to candles, the popular select shop carries a wide range of original products including body care goods and leather goods, as well as new and vintage wear from over 100 different brands.

The two-story flagship store features a basement level and a ground level, and was opened in March 2014.

Classic American styles can be found from wall to wall inside the spacious store. With so many cool items, you’ll want to spend your time looking over them, including all of the furniture and accessories!

This stylish one-of-a-kind shop is a true inspiration for vintage styles.

After discovering the brand, our editorial department was able to secure an interview with Travis, the owner, at an exhibition held in New York in July.

Here is Travis, the owner.

MANREADY MERCANTILE was launched by Travis from his single-bedroom apartment in 2012. At the time, he specialized in making whiskey glasses and candles.
After bringing some samples to a nearby shop, they were sold out in less than two weeks.

The AMBER+IRIS, which features a refreshing and flowery scent, is the brand’s most popular candle.
The second most popular candle is the BERGAMOT TEAK. This candle has a rustic scent, combining a fruity citrus with a teakwood fragrance.

With a wide range of pleasant scents to choose from, their lineup of candles is perfect for both men and women.

Another reason for their popularity is the simple and stylish packaging that suits any space.
Today, orders are coming in nonstop from around the world, with delays in production and packaging occurring from the sudden explosion of popularity.

MANREADY MERCANTILE’s products are all individually handmade by the 16 staff members working together in the basement level, and sold on the first floor.

They make room sprays and soaps too.

With so many different types of grooming goods, it’s hard to decide which one to buy.

This packaging was designed to resemble a bottle of alcohol. All of the designs are created in-house as well.

This classic MANREADY MERCANTILE banner was sewn with a chain-stitch embroidery. The brand’s logo was created collaboratively by the staff members.

MANREADY MERCANTILE’s products offer the warmth and quality of carefully handmade goods.

We highly recommend that you visit their store, immerse yourself in the classic American atmosphere and experience the scents and designs of their products.


321 W 19th street,
Houston ,Texas 77008


Text by CLUTCH Magazine 


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