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Photographer Maiko’s guide to Los Angeles #35 (A vintage shop located an hour away from LA by car)

Vintage Clothing Store LA guide

With her small frame and heavy camera, Los-Angeles-based photographer Maiko captures photos of her daily lifestyle. Throughout this series, we will be introducing some of Maiko’s favorite stores and area through her eyes.

Have you ever heard of the historic district called Old Town Orange in Orange County, located an hour south of LA by car? This month, we will be introducing JOYRIDE, a vintage shop that can be found along a series of antique shops, cool bars and trendy cafés.JOYRIDE is a men’s vintage shop that was opened in 2008.

When you step into the store, the first thing you’ll notice is the vibrant interior design. The displays found along the entire side of the wall create a unique and fun environment.

This is the owner, Rob Houston. He is very popular among local vintage fans, and can often be seen sitting in the counter area of the store.

Having been a fan of vintage items from when he was younger, Rob decided to step into the world of vintage after marrying his wife, who worked as a vintage fashion dealer. He initially sold furniture but gradually shifted his attention to clothing. Starting from flea markets, he eventually started selling vintage clothing at antique malls. He later decided to open up his own store, and after several moves he finally settled down at his current location.

The store’s walls that were used were originally the exterior walls of a house, and advertisements for beverages from the 1920s have been preserved to create a vintage atmosphere that perfectly blends with the clothing.
A wide range of military items, suits, hats and accessories can be found inside the store.
While there has been an increase of vintage shops that have started carrying items from after the 1960s, here you can find plenty of items from the 1920s to the 1960s. Only rare vintage items that have been kept in good condition are selected.

We asked to see some of the coolest items that can be found in the store at the moment.

A print corduroy shirt from TOWN CRAFT from the 1950s. With its bright and colorful patterns, it’s impressive so see that it’s been kept in such pristine condition throughout the years.

Another corduroy shirt from TOWN CRAFT from the 1950s. This shirt features an extremely rare collar shape and the color patterns.

A tailored jacket from Desmond’s Department Store. This jacket was made during the 1920s, and features a single peaked lapel design that was popular during that era. The color patterns are extremely rare.

A STETSON hat from the 1930s. The custom hat counter found in the back of the store is another unique interior fixture. As a Clutchman, this item is hard to miss.

Eli Motsay, who makes hats, started working at the store after being asked by Rob. He is a talented craftsman who also manufactures accessories featuring Native American patterns.
This is an original JOYRIDE hat. Each hat is carefully manufactured individually and is filled with special details and designs.


In addition to the selection of items that will impress any vintage fan, the affable personalities of the two are another reason why the store continues to attract new fans. We visited the shop on a Friday, where the two were chatting with customers with a beer in hand right up to about when the store was closing. Their friendly personalities match the vibes of Orange Country as well as the atmosphere inside the store.


The space, which is filled with vintage items from the walls to the ceiling, will make any vintage lover want to spend all day discovering new items.

The next time you are in LA, we highly recommend driving to Orange County to experience the beautiful cityscapes and to visit the various vintage shops in the area.

JOYRIDE  Vintage for MEN
109 W Chapman Ave,
Orange, CA 92866
Tel. 714-771-2118
 ●Photographer Profile:

Born in Shizuoka Prefecture. After graduating from university, she began her career in journalism. After leaving her job, she decided to move to Hawaii to become a professional photographer. Gaining knowledge, experience, and English abilities through her work, she then moved to Los Angeles in 2015. She currently belongs to Seven Bros. Picture, a collaborative group of creative individuals. (http://seven-bros.com)

Photo by Maiko Naito Text by CLUTCH Magazine



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