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Collection of shops with “must-have” European vintage items. #1 Shibuya/Brackets

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Led by British and French military and workwear, European vintage wear has slowly emerged as a popular trend within the fashion scene in recent years.
Perhaps the reason for its popularity is its overall formal style?
The UK is the birthplace of the suit style, the cornerstone of modern men’s fashion, and the dress up culture and etiquette was derived from Europe. Even with workwear, European style coats, shirts and trousers tend to have a more formal look than their American counterparts.
Also, even with damage from age or years of use, the construction is extremely proper. Whenever you encounter a garment made with a traditional fabric based on the land where it originated, such as wool, waxed cotton or linen, you can feel the high quality manufacturing that went behind it.
Compared to American vintage, European styles still have many mysterious aspects that have yet to be discovered, which is what makes them even more intriguing.
There’s also the joy of exploring its subtle details, as European vintage has injected a breath of fresh air into the fashion scene. We will be introducing some of our favorite shops in this brand new series.
We’ll be starting with this shop.
Vintage shop BRACKETS is located in the trendy Oku-Shibu area.
This is one shop that you can’t miss out on if you’re trying to find rugged European vintage military and workwear in Tokyo. The store specializes in British military styles. Mr. Iida, the store’s owner, worked in the vintage industry prior to opening BRACKETS, and European vintage wear was a favorite of his from these years. He says that initially he was concerned that because British garments had a strong image of being tailored, he wasn’t sure whether he could collect together enough military or workwear garments, but as you can see, the store offers a wide range of items.
A range of military wear displayed on the rack in the left side of the store. Find an array of outerwear for the upcoming season.

Left/ The wool sweaters are all kept in pristine condition, with a wide range of colors and designs to choose from. Right/ The tailored jackets in the back are French workwear styles ranging back from the 1940s. Cotton work jackets are relatively common today, but wool jackets are a rare item. The jackets feature various repaired areas, which is one of their allures.
Top/ BRACKETS X UNSLACKS caps made with vintage fabrics, and a selection of naturally-colored shirts and Gurkha pants. Bottom/ School blazers are a representative item of British vintage styles. Featuring striped patterns in the school colors, this is an extremely intriguing item. You can see that some of the schools ordered their blazers from top tailors.
Top/ A collection of French and British plates and other unique vintage accessories. Bottom / Abeautiful vintage pot and dry flower set. The vintage pot, made by an old British marmalade company, is reasonably priced and has been kept in great condition.

A bus roll sign is decorated by the fitting room. In addition to the various garments, the interior fixtures and accessories on display throughout the store are one of the ways to enjoy your experience at BRACKET.

We picked up our three favorite items from the store that will surely excite vintage fans.
A British military hospital coat made with a vibrant blue wool fabric. A 1939 stencil can be found on the inner lining. The tailored type hospital jacket is a very rare item, and the long-coat type is even rarer. The A line silhouette that expands from the hem gives it a very stylish look. ¥54,000_
A British Navy deck jacket made with PVC fabric. Although the jacket is easily damaged when exposed to rain, wind and waves, the inner lining has been properly stitched with a cotton fabric lining. You can see from the stencil that the jacket was supplied in 1964. ¥48,600_
A pair of deadstock British military George boots from the 1970s. A Broad Arrow mark, which signifies that theitem was the property of the British Empire, is stamped on the side of the boots. The soles were made with insulated rubber. The design of the boots combines a rugged military look with a sharp British style. The black boots are a size 7 and the brown boots are a size 6. Both boots are priced at ¥19,440_

One of the best things about BRACKETS is their amazing lineup that features everything from rare vintage items to casual items like shirts and sweaters that can be worn on a daily basis. Make sure to check out the store if you’re ever in the Shibuya area.
13-13 Kamiyamacho Shibuya-Ku ,Tokyo

Photo by Nanako Hidaka  Text by CLUTCH Magazine 

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