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Ways to enjoy Schott’s newest store even more.

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Have you already visited Schott’s newest flagship store, Schott Grand Store TOKYO, which opened in Shibuya in mid-September?
The 100 square meter space, which is located in the Shibuya, Jinnan area where various select shops, vintage shops and cafes are concentrated in, offers Schott’s full lineup of products.
Here, we will be introducing ways to further enjoy your experience at the Schott Grand Store TOKYO.
1. Wide range of select brands.
At the Schott Grand Store TOKYO, you can find hats, boots and accessories from a wide range of domestic and international brands that perfectly compliment the Schott style.
Among the brands, we decided to put a spotlight on HTC, which offers an impressive lineup.
HTC is a Los Angeles-based leather product brand produced by Zip Stevenson. After extensive research of vintage archives, the brand has developed a high quality line of studded belts, wallets and bags. Luxurious yet rugged, the brand’s collection is beloved around the world.
Zip himself stopped by the store at the end of September and interacted with the visiting fans.
Also, don’t miss out on the Schott Grand Store TOKYO limited edition collaboration items.
(Studded belts from ¥42,000_~, The single rider’s jacket at the bottom of the photo is priced at ¥134,000_)
Enjoy the various items from IrregulaR, a vintage remake collection produced by Zip and Yuya Nakagawa. Each of the items are one-of-a-kind, so if you find one with a fabric or studded design that you like, you should purchase you miss your chance.
2. The super-reliable repair factory.
At ReSew, located in the back of the leather item corner, you can bring in any garment, even brands that aren’t Schott, to have them repaired.
We’re sure that there are Clutch Magazine readers who have purchased a vintage leather jacket even if it wasn’t in the best condition, or have had a zipper break after years of wear and tear.
Managed by experienced craftsmen, you can stop by and ask for advice regarding anything involving repairs.
3. Recommended at night as well.
With an impressive brick arch, large wooden tables and chairs, and gold leaf sign paintings, the shop was designed to resemble Brooklyn, New York.
We recommend enjoying the store’s exterior design after the sun sets. Based on the image of a classic American theater, the atmosphere becomes dramatic and cool once all of the lights are turned on. Enjoy the unique experience unlike anywhere else in Shibuya.
Photo by Jun Arata,CLUTCH Magazine 
Text by CLUTCH Magazine 
Schott Grand Store TOKYO
1-5-4 Jinnan Shibuya-Ku,Tokyo

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