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For women who love vintage and men’s wear

This is the second edition of the special project, “CLUTCH for WOMEN” dedicated to all the women who love the world of CLUTCH Magazine. We focused on women who have constructed their own original styles and captured snapshots in Japan, the United States and the UK. The cool and sexy styles that we encountered feature brands that our readers will be familiar with, and we highly recommend both our female and male readers to check them out together.

Photo by Lisa Kato  

The Japanese word “Komachi” means beautiful girl. Following suit, we will be introducing our choices of “Clutch Komachis” who have established their own unique styles. This month we ask them their favorite styles and items from this fall and winter season.
LENO & CO. Designer
Ayumi Ando


LENO & CO. offers everyday vintage-based wear for adult women. Designer Ayumi Ando wears vintage wear on a daily basis, but focuses on keeping her outfits feminine. She can be seen wearing her favorite leather jackets and five-pocket denim combined with classic European items.

A vintage leather jacket from Peter’s paired with a pair of LENO denim with a feminine fit. The boots with the beautiful ankle line is from the American Red Cross and was made over 80 years ago. Her hat, shirt and denim are all from LENO & CO. (All other items are from her personal wardrobe.)

This classic white shirt feels like a design worn by an old European artist. You can’t go wrong having a simple item like this in your wardrobe.

A soft wool long coat. The A-line that extends along the hem gives off an elegant impression.


Her favorite pairs of shoes. Pictured above is a pair of engineer boots, while the pair below are new officer shoes. Both are easy to maintain and can be paired with casual outfits.

This bag’s braids gives off a vintage leather jacket-like detail and can be adjusted to fit the person using it, but it also offers a feminine look.

The shirt collar can be replaced with a round collar or band collar, and the iron-studded buttons offer a classic impression.


Masami Sato


Masami Sato from ANATOMICA TOKYO enjoys wearing military wear on a regular basis. Her original masculine style matches her elegant personality. “I love the straight lines used in a lot of men’s wear, especially military wear. I also appreciate details and functionality, so I guess you could say I like practical things even more than I like clothing. I have a lot of experience with vintage styles, so now I don’t have much of a preference between old and new items.”

It seems like she would look good in anything, but her selection of vintage and men’s wear makes her style even more appealing. “I never wear heels because it’s just too tiring (laughs).”

Top/ This vintage BECK shirt was the perfect size and was kept in pristine condition.

Bottom/ A pair of fatigue pants worn by female soldiers during the Vietnam War.

A deadstock Anorak parka worn by the British military during WWII. Even after six years, the fabric remains as crisp as when it was purchased!

Her favorite tiger camouflage jacket features a unique blue-ish base color and stylish epaulettes.


Nagisa Makino


RUMBLE RED takes iconic men’s vintage models like the “double-breasted motorcycle jacket” and “A-2 jacket” and transforms them into women’s items. This season’s items are all very impressive, and you can see Masami’s elegant design sense in the details. “I don’t want to make ‘vintage-style’ clothes, but incorporate authentic vintage elements into my designs so that women can look cool wearing them.”
The horsehide jacket pairs well with the a simple monotone outfit. With its compact size and shortened sleeve lengths, the jacket looks great with wide pants. The jacket, cut and sewn shirt and pants all from RUMBLE RED. (All other items are from her personal wardrobe.)

This jacket was designed based on a 1950s motorcycle jacket. The details of the pocket and other aspects were reproduced to preserve the manufacturer’s original intent.

A pair of wool trousers inspired by a pair of 1960s French Army pants. The belt gives off an elegant impression.

Her favorite 1970s ROLEX Oyster Perpetual watch paired with silver and gold accessories.

Pictured above is a pair of deadstock service shoes that are casual and comfortable to wear. Below is a pair of SAINT LAUREN stiletto heels. The impeccable design features a classic ribbon and a velvet texture.

A classic slip-on dress made with a high quality Pripela fabric.

A knit sweater with a relaxed fit. Pairing feminine colors with rugged military wear is Masami’s personal style.
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BEAMS BOY Director
Yumi Sudo

Centered around traditional, workwear and military wear, BEAMS BOY constantly creates its own unique world of fashion that is never swayed by the latest trends. This season’s theme, “(BLEND OF) OLD & NEW” offers a mix of the ever-evolving American causal style (NEW) and classic British traditional wear (OLD.) Yumi Sudo is pictured here styling an iconic motorcycle jacket. Fashion from the 1970s became very popular in recent years, so traditional styles are fresh and exciting now. Being able to wear their clothes over a long period of time is one of BEAMS BOY’s strengths.”

A remake checkered skirt paired with a classic double-breasted motorcycle jacket. The motorcycle jacket is a One Star model manufactured by Schott specifically to commemorate BEAMS’ 40th anniversary. Motorcycle jacket from Schott x BEAMS BOY, turtleneck knit from BEAMS BOY, skirt from Rebuild by Needles and sneakers from CONVERSE x BEAMS. (All other items are from her personal wardrobe.)

Utilizing the shape and details of the One Star jacket, a cute dotted pattern inner lining was chosen to compliment the custom ordered Italian lamb leather fabric. 

The completely sold-out original Camper watch released by ENGINEERED GARMENTS TIMEX x BEAMS BOY. Based on an older barber watch, the dial design and logo are mirror inverted. Left/ This is also a special custom-made 40th anniversary model.

A pair of vintage-style Converse All Stars with a reverse color scheme of the red rubber tape part and blue lining. The “ReactⓇ” heel soles make it extremely comfortable to wear.

A custom-made pea coat by BUZZ RICKSON’S. Featuring embroidery made with a double chain stitch sewing machine and high quality 34 oz. melton wool, this coat was designed one size smaller specifically for BEAMS BOY.

Vintage is the source of her style. With a pink selvedge stitching, this LEVI’s 701XX model was purchased a long time ago but still is a regular item in her wardrobe.

The all-back RED WING boots custom made for BEAMS features a classic boot last.


HUG Owner
Naomi Ishikawa

Naomi is the owner of popular vintage shop HUG, located in the Koenji and Harajuku areas of Tokyo. Their collection of American vintage wear remade into sexy items are geared towards women who enjoy the rugged vintage look. Instead of focusing on the rareness of items, Naomi’s style is to enjoy vintage wear as fashion items. Her love of vintage wear can be seen in her everyday fashion. ”This fall, the store will be focusing on Californian hippie styles blended with a Bohemian taste.” 

A pair of 1950s military boots that were personally customized into short boots.

Naomi fell in love with the A-2 jacket after seeing women from overseas wearing them. The jacket she is wearing today is of course a vintage piece. The slightly damaged 1960s Champion shirt and LEVI’S 501XX perfectly compliment the jacket. (All items are from her personal wardrobe.)

Top/This studded belt, which matches vintage styles, are handmade by a friend.
Bottom/ The vintage Navajo jewelry and dog tag add a stylish touch to her outfit.


The embroidered tunic and baker pants are a classic combination.

Photo by Masahiro Nagata  Shingo Oura  
Text by CLUTCH Magazine  

*The content of this journal was reedited from CLUTCH Magazine vol. 51. Some of the items shown here may no longer be available.


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