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Genre-less clothing and accessories rooted in various lifestyles.

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Genre-less clothing and accessories
rooted in various lifestyles.

CPM (Crafts & Permaculture Country Mall) opened in 2015, and recently was updated as the CIAO PANIC COUNTRY MALL to offer an even larger selection of items. The interior features items with a warm handmade-feel, ranging from clothing, accessories, furniture and vintage items collected primarily from the United States and Europe, as well as original items that fit the concept of the shop. A café space has also been installed inside the store to cover all aspects of lifestyles and create a unique, unprecedented, and universally beloved space.
Top) Lost Worlds, a brand know for reproducing vintage flight jackets and motorcycle jackets. All of their products are manufactured in-house in their New York factory.

While respecting vintage values, the shop has also evolved to incorporate “modern” styles. A wide range of “genre-less” fashion items and accessories that are deeply rooted in our everyday lifestyles can be found inside the shop.

CIAO PANIC COUNTRY MALL is located along Meiji-dori in Harajuku, an area that is constantly crowded with people regardless of whether it’s a weekend or weekday. The store features two floors with a built-in café and a large collection of vintage-style T-shirts and sweats, along with classic American vintage style clothing. 

This is a traditional basket that was handmade in Morocco. The intricate details that were created based on careful calculations are all done by hand, even to this day. The versatile basket can also be used as a decorative object in your home or office.

What sets CIAO PANIC COUNTRY MALL apart from other shops is their wide range of selected items, from furniture to artworks from domestic and international artists and vintage items. You’re sure to find something in the store that can enhance your everyday lifestyle.

The second floor features white wooden floors and a natural calming atmosphere for customers to enjoy. Here, a wide range of traditional genre-less items can be found from various countries, ages and styles.

In addition to showcasing vintage art and surfboards from different generations, you can also find items from brands like RTH, which manufactures iconic items made from beautifully aged leather and vintage fabrics.

The café space has been installed near the first floor entrance. With the latest renewal update, the large space offers tables and chairs for customers to sit and relax in between shopping and is decorated by traditional art pieces made by Japanese artists.

A wide range of vintage and new Native American jewelry, ranging from Navajo-style rings, bangles and pendants can also be found inside the store. The photograph depicts an item made by Dewey Nelson.

Starting from this season, the shop has made an effort to showcase more used remake and original fashion items, as well as women’s vintage wear. The designs are truly stunning, and many of the items are one-of-a-kind, so you never know what you might encounter while shopping.


6-12-22-1-2F Jingumae Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Tel.03-3406-1104 11AM-8PM http://cpcm-shop.com

Photo by Shingo Oura Text by Tamaki Itakura 

*This journal was reedited from the feature story from the 2016 April “CLUTCH Magazine” vol. 48 issue. 


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