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Three Orgueil garments perfect for the start of the fall.

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As we enter September, garments from the fall collections are gradually arriving at various clothing shops.
New items from Orgueil have also started being delivered to Harajuku M’ARIJUAN.
Orgueil is a brand inspired by early 20th century workwear designs. The workwear worn at the time was manufactured at a time when mass production and consumption were still not a norm, and featured a formal tailor-made style. Orgueil has inherited this style into modern times, establishing themselves in a unique position among the various heritage brands. The three-piece suit that is included into their collection each season is made with high quality seasonal fabrics, features a classic yet modern silhouette, and serves as the face of the brand.
I want to start shifting to autumn clothing but it’s still too hot... If you’re looking for the perfect garments for this transitional period, we highly recommend checking out Orgueil. The lapeled jacket, gilet, and shirts that are a part of Orgueil’s collection each year are perfect for this time of year.
We decided to focus on three of their latest items that were recently delivered to the store.

The beach cloth originally used for workwear has been applied to make the gilet. With a heavyweight texture produced from the sturdy silhouette and heavyweight texture and gallant collar, this item perfectly combines elements of workwear and formal wear. ¥33,480_

A newly released band collar shirt, a staple of Orgueil’s collection. The detailed patterns created by a dobby loom emphasizes the classic look of the stylish shirt, which can be worn all-year round. ¥18,360_
A voluminous corduroy casket featuring deep colors that are perfect for the fall season. Collect all three colorways!¥8,640_ecah
Orgueil’s items feature classic and gentlemen-like styles that go perfectly with classic bottoms such as denim and chinos. In addition to the three items that we introduced here, there are plenty of amazing garments in their fall collection. Check them out in the store or on their homepage.
Photo by Shingo Oura  Text by CLUTCH Magazine 
Orgueil Tel.06-6536-6310  http://www.orgueil.jp
6-13-1 Jingumae Shibuya-Ku,Tokyo
Tel. 03-5774-6479


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