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Photographer Maiko’s guide to Los Angeles #33【15th anniversary of a popular vintage shop in Little Tokyo!】

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With her small frame and heavy camera, Los-Angeles-based photographer Maiko captures photos of her daily lifestyle. Throughout this series, we will be introducing some of Maiko’s favorite stores and area through her eyes.
For this edition, she reported on the 15th anniversary party of RAGGEDY THREADS, a popular store among vintage fans.

RAGGEDY THREADS is a shop that leads the vintage culture of Little Tokyo with their excellent selection of denim, workwear, and military wear.

Jeime Wong, the owner of RAGGEDY THREADS. Growing up in Pomona, she was surrounded by many good vintage shops. After frequently visiting her favorite shops, she soon developed a close relationship with them, and in 1997, she began helping out with setting up their booths at the Rose Bowl.
Using this as an opportunity to learn more about vintage fashion, she decided to set up her own booth at the Rose Bowl several months later. After selling vintage items at her own booth for 12 years, she opened RAGGEDY THREADS while she was still a student. She continues to travel around the world in search for vintage items, and opened her second location in Brooklyn last year.
There were times when she was on the brink of closing up shop, but 15 years had passed in what seemed like a blink of the eye. To commemorate this special occasion, she held a party by inviting her close friends.

Brian from B. Blakely Custom in New York took part in the event.
Orders for embroideries were taken at the event, wowing the many attendants with his precision and attention to details.
If you bring your own garments to the store, he can chain stitch your favorite patterns onto them.
His skills are on full display, as he works completely freehand.

Here is an example of his chain stitching work.

The Holiday Inn stitching is very cute.

Two attendants of the event who brought their own jackets and had chain stitched embroideries applied to them.

Two staff members.

This party further raised expectations for RAGGEDY THREADS, who celebrated its 15th anniversary.
When visiting Los Angeles, we highly recommend checking out this space that is full of high quality selected vintage items and unique interior designs.
330 E 2nd street #B
Los angeles, CA  90012

Tel. 213-620-1188
●Photographer Profile:

Born in Shizuoka Prefecture. After graduating from university, she began her career in journalism. After leaving her job, she decided to move to Hawaii to become a professional photographer. Gaining knowledge, experience, and English abilities through her work, she then moved to Los Angeles in 2015. She currently belongs to Seven Bros. Picture, a collaborative group of creative individuals. (http://seven-bros.com)

Photo by Maiko Naito Text by CLUTCH Magazine

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